My name is Stephanie. I’m a type 1 diabetic – not to be confused with that other diabetes aka the ‘betus. I was diagnosed in National Diabetes Month when I was 10 years old – So I’ve had it now for almost 18 years now. I live in the bay area and love it! I’m just starting to really take advantage of the bay area and all its’ wonders. I’d really like to have tighter control of my diabetes and put my health first in my life instead of always having it on the back burner. With the help of this blog I’d like to really get that control… I’d also like to get a pump! Can you believe I STILL don’t have one?!

I’m between insurances at the moment… lost it August 1st and will be getting it back on October 1st… running out of insulin and the rest of my supplies – in fact my NPH doesn’t even work for whatever reason. So if anyone has any idea as to some free or cheap clinics or what-not in the bay area please let me know 🙂

If you’re diabetic msg me– I’d love to get some type 1’s to relate to! Thanks!!


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